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What is raw honey? It’s a pure, unfiltered and unpasteurized sweetener made by bees from the nectar of flowers. Most of the honey consumed today is processed honey

Client Testimonials

I have been consuming Sugar Blocker for about a year. and half. My sugar reading was 11. After consuming it for 4 months my reading went down to 9.4. In January 2021 I went for another check-up and my reading went down again to 7. My weight has reduced too. Thanks Nourhealth!
Mr Alfie
Recently I went to the doctor and she showed me my lab report and to my surprised, my cholesterol level has improved a lot and my sugar level reading has down from 14 to 9. I trust Sugar Blocker and will continue to consume for my sugar control. I'm one happy customer.
Mdm Hanom
50 yrs old
Consumed Flexxe Joint and my gout pain has slowly subsided. I was skeptical in the beginning coz for Gout almost impossible to find the right treatment. Even after dieting, my pain was still there. This supplement has ease my pain tremendously. I'm hoping that soon I'm able to Sholat normally instead of using a chair.
Mr Yatiman
42 yrs old
I’m a prostate sufferer. My friend recommend me Nour Prost8 to help with my prostate issues. After second bottle it ease my symptoms and I can go out without feeling worry of finding a restroom. My check up with doctor was good too. Thank you friend and Nourhealth for this great supplement.
Mr Ong
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