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Collagen is a protein and the literal “glue” that holds your body together. But as you age, your body produces less of it each year. Research shows supplementing with collagen can help smooth wrinkles with greater results in the name of supple skin, healthier hair, stronger bones and nails along with optimal metabolic function.

Marine Collagen has Type I & III Collagen, which is derived from fish collagen peptides as this sort of collagen has the highest, most bioavailable source of collagen available on the market. Bioavailability  means that marine collagen peptides enter the bloodstream faster than other types of collagen.

Why We Need Collagen?

Collagen is an important building block for the skin as it makes up 70% of it. The dermis, which provides the foundation for the skin, is closely involved in the skin’s elasticity and flexibility and is the main source of collagen in the skin. Collagen is important for the skin in a number of ways. When it comes to aging skin, collagen keeps it firm, plump, hydrated and supple.

As you age, your body produces around 1% lesser Collagen each year. It may shock you to learn that you’ve already lost about 12% of your natural Collagen production for every decade you’ve been alive past age 20. That means by age 60, your body is producing only HALF of the youthful Collagen production that you once did in your youth! Even worse, various “lifestyle factors” you may have been exposed to – like poor diet, smoking, pollution, stress, and excess sun exposure – can deplete your collagen levels even faster.

You can BOOST your body's Collagen levels to RENEW your skin, hair, nails, joints and more...

By simply adding Collagen to your daily diet, you can begin to replace the Collagen lost to aging and recapture many of those youthful benefits!

Type I

This type makes up 90% of your body’s Collagen and provides healthy structure to your skin, bones, tendons, fibrous cartilage, connective tissue and teeth.

Type III

This type of Collagen supports the structure of firm muscles, skin elasticity, and healthy organs and arteries.

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