Sidr honey also known as Ziziphus honey has gained a lot of popularity these days. The Arabian world trust it for a reason!

It is claimed to be good for liver problems, stomach ulcers, respiratory infections, diseases resulting from malnutrition, digestive problems, constipation, eye diseases, infected wounds and burns, surgical wounds (lice C-section), promote speedy recovery after childbirth, facilitates menstruation, (with various herbs). It can be used against epilepsy, strengthened the immune systems, to promote general health and vitality.

The honey is a monofloral honey. The bees collect the nectar of an ancient tree, the Sidr tree

Sidr tree is also called Jujube tree. But surely is not the same. The Jujube tree is Ziziphus jujuba and the Sidr tree is Ziziphus spina-christi. They are indeed related, both subspecies of Ziziphus.

 Botanical name: Ziziphus spina-christi

• It’s an evergreen tree that grows in coastal, desert, and semi-desert areas. It is native to Northern and tropical Africa and Southern and Western Asia.
It grows in valleys up to an elevation of 500 m. We can meet it in India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, and the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula.
It grows extensively in the eastern part of Yemen. Which is why sidr honey is known by many, only as Yemen honey.

The Sidr tree is a sturdy and deep-rooted tree which has withstood the devastating floods of Eram at Ma’arib Yemen along two other trees: Tamarisk and Mustard Tree. Sidr belongs to the “Ziziphus” family of plants. The average tree size normally between 7-8 meters hight.

• The branches are soft with gray-yellow color and the flowers are yellow.

• The fruits of sidr trees are round and yellowish but turn to a more reddish color when mature. They have a very high-energy value, though there are other fruits more valuable: dates, figs, raisins, and few other dried fruits.

The beneficial effects of Sidr honey for diabetes: 

  • Many people recommend taking Sidr honey for Diabetes as it not only helps in controlling glycemia, but it also helps in improving the associated metabolic problems. 
  • Studies conducted offer the benefits of Sidr honey for diabetes have noted an increase the level of insulin and decrease in hyperglycemia and fructosamine. Another reason why experts recommend Sidr honey for diabetes is because it lowers down the blood sugar level. The honey also reduces the increased levels of creatinine, bilirubin and cholesterol. 
  • The Sidr honey is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. A higher number of antioxidants helps to improve the metabolisation of sugar in your body. Moreover, the body stops responding to insulin due to inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties present in honey reduce diabetic complications, which is why you should have Sidr honey for diabetes. 
  • The hypoglycemic effect of honey might be helpful to protect the pancreas – a very important organ which produces two glucose-regulating hormones – insulin and glucagon, against oxidative stress. 
  • Sidr honey has more calories than sugar.
    On the other hand, Sidr honey is the purest form of honey. Also, it has a lower glycemic index and energetic value. Moreover, the amount of fructose present in honey plays a vital role in the storage of glucose as glycogen by the liver. 
  • As is the case with everyone who has diabetes, management of wound healing must be taken care of properly. The wounds of a diabetic person are different from normal wounds. They take a lot of time in healing or don’t heal at all.
    Sidr Honey, due to its antibacterial properties, is used as medicine for these wounds.

It has been proven from experimental studies that taking Sidr honey for diabetes can benefit people greatly. It can delimit severe metabolic disorders and protect other organs from other diabetic complications. Honey improves heart health, wound healing and blood oxidant status. 

It is a safe natural sweetener and is considered to be a good therapy. It is an excellent alternative to sugar in the efforts of boosting the immune system and stabilising blood sugars. It also helps in reducing lipid abnormalities and conditions like obesity. Sidr honey is very beneficial and it must be used to substitute sugar.

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