6 Reasons Black Ginger is good for you

Black ginger extract has been used for more than a thousand years and modern science has shown this interesting ingredient to be beneficial for many conditions. Keep reading to learn more about what black ginger is, how it is used in cooking, and how it is used as a supplement. 

What Is Black Ginger?

Thai black ginger, Thai ginseng, black turmeric, Krachai dum – this ingredient goes by multiple names that may be new to you. Traditional ginger is a popular food ingredient, and supplement known for its aid in digestive health. Black ginger has powerful nutrition components and health benefits as well. The botanical name of black ginger is Kaempferia parviflora, which is indigenous to Thailand and a member of the Zingiberaceae or ginger family Kaempferia parviflora rhizome has been used in more than a thousand years in Thai traditional medicine. This amazing ingredient has been used for allergies, diarrhea, diabetes, allergies, impotence, and more .

Black Ginger Extract Uses

Though it may be uncommon to see black ginger in your local coffee shop, the dried rhizome of the plant is traditionally crushed and put into tea bags. Black ginger’s fresh rhizome has been used in wine brewing and is known to be an aphrodisiac. Compared to traditional ginger, black ginger is darker in color. The two gingers look the same on the outside, but black ginger boasts a deep purple color on the inside. Black ginger extract is found in powdered form, a liquid form, and encapsulated. The powdered form is on the market as a food ingredient. Black ginger extract powder livens up the flavor of many dishes from curry dishes to overnight oats to sweetbreads. If the pungent and spicy taste of ginger is unappealing to you, you can take it in an encapsulated or supplement form.

Black Ginger Supplement

Black ginger extract is more readily available as a dietary supplement versus a food ingredient. The preparation of the supplements includes pills made from powdered black ginger extract with honey, medicinal liquor plus honey, blended with other herbs, and in capsule and tablet forms. 

Black Ginger Health Benefits 

Black ginger is rich in amino acids, selenium, and antioxidants like tannins, anthocyanins and flavonoids. Here are five evidenced-based health benefits of black ginger extract.

  • Promotes Sexual Health
  • Increases Physical Performance 
  • Increases Energy Expenditure 
  • Anti Cancer 
  • Anti Microbial  and Anti Inflammatory

Increases Physical Performance 

An athlete or fitness fanatic, black ginger extract may be of particular interest to improve your ability to train.

Physical performance efficacy, muscle endurance, and grip strength increased. The study explained that KPE contains polymethoxyflavones (PMFs) that activate a significant contributor to cell metabolism called AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK). Some claim AMPK enhances fat metabolism, muscle endurance, and physical performance. 


Black ginger extract may be a natural way to fight cancer, though more studies are needed. Ovarian cancer cells were treated with KPE in a 2018 study finding that the proliferation of cells and cell migration was actively suppressed. KPE induced cell death. KPE was also found to significantly suppress the cell migration of cervical cancer cells.

Anti-Microbial and Anti-Inflammatory 

Acne vulgaris affects many people today all over the globe. Bacteria is the culprit behind acne, which includes strains like   Propionibacterium acnes and Staphylococcus aureus. In a study, various concentrations of KPE were tested on these pro-inflammatory bacteria. The higher the concentration of KPE correlated with reduced viability of both bacterial strains. This was associated with reducing bacteria and the inflammation they caused.

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